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A feature not inherently available in Tableau - Creating different types of Line charts.

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Tableau is capable of creating highly advanced visualizations and hence ranks very highly in the list of BI tools. Although Tableau is one of the leading BI tools in the market today, sometimes it seems to be missing some very fundamental and necessary features.

One such feature is of creating…

How to mimic hierarchical (‘+’ / ‘-‘) action on your tableau dashboard without actually using hierarchies

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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”— Steve Jobs

In the reporting world, you would often come across situations wherein the stakeholders would request for features or functionality not directly available in Tableau.

One such use case I came across was…

Pro Tip — How to create collapsible filter button enhancing your dashboard’s user experience in Tableau

There are numerous ways of creating a button/toggle in your dashboards. Providing the user with an option to make selections on the reports or dashboards, helps improve the user experience.

The most common way to provide this functionality to the user in Tableau is to provide a filter option, wherein…

Basic Introduction to what Graph Analytics is…

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Analytics is usually applied to structured, unstructured, numeric, or visual data to uncover decision driving insights.

Graph analytics is a relatively new area for analytics which refers to analysis applied on graph-based data.

Graph analytics (also called network analysis) as its name suggests is an analysis based amongst entities or…

What is a Butterfly / Tornado Chart and How to Build them in Tableau

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What is the Butterfly / Tornado chart?

Butterfly charts, also called Tornado or Divergent Chart, are essentially bar charts comparing two differing metrics at a time. In these visuals, data categories are listed out vertically with the bars of differing metrics extending horizontally, on both ends of the listed categories, resembling the butterfly wings. …

Tableau Pro Tip: How to let your users dynamically Swap Visuals on your Tableau Dashboard

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One of the techniques, perhaps, widely used to create rich, interactive yet clutter-free dashboards is sheet swapping.

Sheet swapping essentially involves, dynamically swapping of one view to display another.

This brief article will walk you through, how to enable your dashboard users to swap visuals in real-time using containers in…

What are Sankey charts and how to create them in Tableau

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“ Stories are just data with Soul “ — Dr. Brene Brown

What is a Sankey Chart?

Sankey chart named after the Irish Captain Matthew Henry Phineas Riall Sankey, who used this type of visual in 1898 shown below representing the energy efficiency of a steam engine.

Sankey diagrams are essentially, flow diagrams, which highlight…

A step by step guide on removing the ‘Abc’ populated column from your visuals. 4 different ways you can get rid of the ‘Abc’ column in Tableau.

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How to remove the ‘Abc’ column? - might be the most commonly asked Tableau question.

If you are a regular Tableau user, you would have invariably, come across a situation wherein you have had a column with ‘Abc’ listed out in your visual like below, and no matter what you…

Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Resources — Courses, Practice Questions links and a 15 day Schedule

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Tableau is currently the most popular data visualization software in the market today. Its popularity is rightly validated by the value it provides across industries and organizations.

Tableau shines as a Business Intelligence software providing high-quality visualization analytics and has been noted as BI platform leader in Gartner’s magic quadrant…

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